Far-East IT Solutions Limited
is an information technology service provider based in Bangladesh

We are offering digital expertise in Web & Mobile app development, along with modeling customized enterprise-wide systems globally

Your Work Comes First!

On Demand

We are less concerned with applying pressure to partnerships and instead leverage right and left brain thinkers, that can help you arrive at a solution in less time. After all, speed is king in highly competitive markets.


Today’s fast-paced marketplace requires collaborating to find a better and more efficient way to achieve your goal; our way of overcoming current challenges is through zero tolerance.


Instead of copying pretty much everything about a popular design, just with a different theme and some minor tweaks; we provide solutions that are both innovative and wildly successful.

Web Design

UI/UX Design

Visual Design

Game Design


When you reduce a software to its constituent elements, others can copy them and end up with the same program. That is why as developers, we feel that maintaining the status quo is not enough.

Responsive Websites

Mobile Applications

Software & System Modeling

Game Development

Fahim Farouque

Managing Director

"You can be smart, different and hardworking. After all, it's your life that actually matters."

Mashroor Parvez

Creative Director

"Most of life's hardships are overcome by failing, not falling. There's a distinction to be crossed."


Far-East IT solutions ltd. is here with an impeccable team to ensure satisfaction of customer needs in relation to their characteristics, but in overdrive. We present practical and handy solutions to our clients that facilitate and integrate well with their current and future business goals. Our aim is to be the ultimate preference for IT development and support in both Bangladesh and abroad. is equipped The team comprises of digital content developers, creative consultants, web and mobile app developers and user experience innovators. We hope to answer the classic buy or build question by looking for mutually beneficial partnerships to leverage and collaborate externally, innovating much more quickly and even create solutions to problems that may not be prevalent issues yet. Explore us to go beyond the box.