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I Can is developed to help users be efficient and productive in their daily life. We kept our promise!


Incorporated with responsive design for users with various screen sizes to have a stellar experience.

Intuitive and Easy Navigation

I Can is optimized to keep clicks and field entries to an absolute minimum, all without limiting its functionality.

Works Offline

Yes, you’ve read it right! Stay productive even without internet connection.

User Friendly

Easy access to contents. Navigate through the app effortlessly.


I Can is simply a robust and focused note-taking app, meaning it will never go defunct on you. It is clean coded and coupled with API encrypted.

About iCan

I CAN is a simple and effective to-do list and task reminder app which helps you to get things done on time. Whether it is a birthday event, important meeting, I Can will keep your busy life organized every day. It will remind about upcoming meetings and keep you informed about you pending tasks.

Embark on a journey to keep committed to your daily routine. Stay as productive as you can with I CAN!

Amazing Features

I CAN is here to help you maximize your productivity by organizing and prioritizing the tasks in a flexible way

List your tasks

Organize and list your work, to-dos, plans etc. No matter where you are, with I CAN you can have your tasks scheduled.

Get notified every time

Missing out on tasks? I CAN is here to remind you of your to-dos. Sit back and chill!


Forgot to turn your phone off in a meeting? No worries! With I CANs present auto-mode changing feature, your phone will automatically put to silent/vibration mode while you’re in a meeting.

Plan an event

Plan your events and set a time to get reminded. iCan will remind you just in time.

A Blissful Interface

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